July 21st, 2021

Fraudulent Calls and Texts

We have recently been made aware of customers receiving fraudulent phone calls or texts where they are asked for their debit card number, and then find themselves a victim of a scam.

  1. In one recent scam, the call comes from a person claiming to be from “Enfact” or the First Mid fraud department at 877-888-5629 or 877-253-8964. The fraudulent “Enfact agent” is asking customers to verify their debit card number, including PIN. Once they receive the necessary information, they are quickly processing purchases on the card.
  2. Another recent scam involves calls coming from a person claiming to be with a utility company and stating the customer needs to pay immediately to avoid having their power turned off. In order to process the immediate payment, the “utility representative” is requesting their debit card number, then quickly processing a fraudulent transaction.

If you receive such a call or text, please do not give them any card or personal information.  First Mid’s fraud department would only call you to verify transactions if they suspect fraud on your account.  They will ask you to verify the customer name and zip code before they ask to verify transactions, and they will not ask you any personal or account information other than to verify if you made the transaction.

If you have questions, please contact Customer Support at 877-888-5629.

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