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Fraud Education – “Can You Hear Me Now?” AI Scam

New scams are constantly surfacing, affecting individuals and businesses as scammers become more intelligent and innovative. Now that artificial intelligence (AI) has become more prominent in the last few years, scammers have found ways to use AI to scam people out of their money. One such scam, known as “Can more

Fraud Education – Elder Exploitation Scams

Older adults are often targeted for financial exploitation due to their income and accumulated lifelong savings, in addition to the possibility they may face declining cognitive or physical abilities, isolation from family and friends, lack of familiarity or comfort with technology, and reliance on others for their physical well-being, financial more

Protect Your Family During Internet Safety Month

Internet Safety Month, observed each June, is a great time to consider how you are securing your family’s safety online. There are several unique risks associated with children and online safety. When a child is using a computer or mobile device, normal safeguards and security practices may not be sufficient. Children more

Fraud Education – Card Skimming & Shimming

U.S. card skimming has increased by over 500% in the last two years with more than 161,000 compromised cards being impacted. Skimmers are used frequently at ATMs and fuel pumps because of their easy access and large usage. Skimming costs financial institutions and consumers more than $1 billion each year. more

Fraud Education – Payroll Fraud

Today, companies are faced with scams from all fronts, including payroll fraud. Businesses large and small can become targets of this scam. The goal is to have employees’ payroll direct deposits moved to a bank account controlled by the scammer. Social media easily provides enough information about a person’s employment more

Fraud Education – Romance Scams

Millions of people turn to online dating sites or apps only to encounter scams. Romance scams occur when scammers create fake profiles and strike up relationships with their targets to build their trust, then make up a story and ask for money. Once the scammer has obtained the trust of more

7 Tips to Prevent Tax ID Fraud

As tax season gets underway, the American Bankers Association is urging all consumers to take extra precaution when filing their return to prevent their exposure to tax fraud. “Fraudsters are using very clever tactics to get a hold of your personal information and submit false tax claims,” says the ABA. “Consumers more

Monitoring Your Credit Can Help Protect Your Identity

To make it even easier for our customers to monitor their credit, our Premier Checking account offers ID Protect®1, an identity theft and fraud assistance program that provides credit monitoring and free credit reports. Our complete IDProtect® service includes: 3-in-1 Credit File MonitoringIDProtect® will monitor your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit files more

Cyber Security Tips to Increase Data Privacy

Data Privacy Week occurs each year from January 21 – January 27. It is an international effort to create awareness about digital data privacy while educating citizens on how to manage their personal information and keep it secure. Here are some helpful tips to increase your digital safety and protect more

Fraud Education – Holiday Shopping Scams

The holiday season brings joy and merriment along with the hustle and bustle of gift shopping. Restaurants are packed with friends and family get-togethers and stores are filled with busy shoppers. Unfortunately, scammers get busy during the holidays, too. In recent years, online shopping has represented a significant percentage of more