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The first step in your homebuying journey could be the most important one you make.

Start the financing process while you’re still shopping for a home with First Mid’s Certified Homebuyer* Program. Our lenders can get you started, with no obligation, so you’ll be able to go from offer to close much faster. Our lenders can also help you explore loans that offer lower down payments or see if you qualify for down payment assistance.

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First Mid Certified Homebuyer

Getting certified makes you a more powerful buyer, saves valuable time so you can close faster, and reduces unwanted surprises that could possibly derail your purchase.

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Down Payment

We offer several loan programs, including Downpayment Plus®** which may provide eligible borrowers up to $10,000 to put towards their down payment and closing costs.

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*The certification is subject to the financial status and credit report(s) of everyone on the application remaining substantially the same until closing, an acceptable contract of sale on a suitable property, collateral (things like the appraisal, title, survey, condition, and insurance) that satisfies the requirements of the Lender, and loan selected is still available in the market. All closing conditions of Lender must be satisfied including the clear transfer of the title, acceptable and adequate title and hazard insurance, flood certification, and any inspections that are required by the real estate contract.

The First Mid Certified Homebuyer program is not a commitment to lend funds and has not been approved, but it is a conditional approval subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions being fully satisfied prior to closing. This loan commitment is based on verification of your current credit, income, and assets. Borrowers will be required to submit satisfactory evidence that no substantial change in the financial situation has occurred since the commitment date. Should anything change, including but not limited to income, credit, employment, assets, job history, payment history, debts, changes in savings patterns, and public liens of record, your credit approval could be jeopardized. All loans are subject to final review and approval by an underwriter prior to closing.

**Downpayment Plus® is a program from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. Restrictions apply. Visit the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago’s website for complete requirements. Downpayment Plus® is a registered trademark of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago.