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We specialize in all senior market plans, which include Medicare supplements, long-term care insurance, annuities and ancillary products. We focus on educating seniors through a consultative approach and offer an array of coverage options from many different insurance providers.

Medicare Supplements

Also known as Medigap policies, Medicare Supplements can help pay some of the health care costs that Traditional Medicare doesn’t cover. Medigap plans cover the Part A (hospital) coinsurance plus coverage for 365 additional days after Medicare coverage ends as well as the Part B coinsurance.

Medicare Advantage Plans

These plans are approved by Medicare and run by private companies. When you join one of these plans, you are still in a Medicare plan, just not Traditional Medicare. They provide all of your Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical) coverage and are otherwise known as Medicare Part C plans. They generally offer some extra benefits, and may include prescription drug coverage. Some plans have monthly premiums as low as zero.

Medicare Part D Plans

These plans are for prescription drug coverage only. These plans are offered by insurance companies and other private companies approved by Medicare. Each plan has a Formulary – a list of drugs that are covered under the plan.

Long Term Care Insurance

There are many different types of Long Term Care, and these plans help pay the costs associated with them. Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Home Health Care, Adult Day Care and Respite Care are some examples of Long Term Care.

Specified Disease & Hospital Indemnity Policies

Specified Disease refers to things like cancer, heart attack and stroke, etc.. These types of policies pay you directly, regardless of other insurance coverage, in the event that you are diagnosed with the specified diseases covered by the policy. Hospital Indemnity policies pay a specific indemnity amount when you are hospitalized.

Life Insurance & Final Expense Plans

Life Insurance is designed to pay a certain amount to the designated beneficiaries upon the death of the insured. They are often used to help families cope with the financial burden of the loss of their loved one. Final Expense plans are designed specifically to cover the cost of funeral services.


Annuities are a form of long term financial planning and are often used to provide an income after retirement. There are several different types of annuities – all designed to help create future financial stability.

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