Save Ahead for Next Year’s Holiday Expenses!

Christmas Club

We understand that as the holidays approach, your shopping list may be longer than you planned. If you need help saving for holiday expenses, we have an account designed to make that easier.

Avoid the stress of holiday spending next year when you open a Christmas Club account with as little as $1 any time before January 31. You can save a little bit all year long to ease the burden of holiday spending in 2023.

When your Christmas Club account matures next October, the balance plus interest* will be transferred to another First Mid deposit account of your choice. Then, your account will renew, and you can begin saving again for the next year. It’s an easy way to budget all year long for holiday expenses! For more information or to open an account, stop by your local First Mid banking center.

For the full list of steps for how Christmas Club savings accounts can help you save for the holidays next year, click here.

To learn more about Seasonal Savings accounts, click here.

*Withdrawals made from a Christmas Club prior to account maturity will forfeit earned interest and close the account.