Cash Management – Collecting Funds

Smart cash management is necessary for any business to survive and prosper. That’s why First Mid offers a variety of tools and services that give you more control over your cash flow and can streamline your day-to-day cash needs. These services can help you collect customer payments faster and maintain control of payments to your suppliers and employees.

ACH Debit Origination

If your company or organization collects payments from individuals on a recurring basis, eliminate the monthly bills and start collecting the items electronically. By utilizing ACH Debit Origination, your customers can reduce the time and costs of paying bills.

Typical Users of ACH Debit Origination

  • Utility companies
  • Insurance offices
  • Rental agencies
  • Churches
  • Mobile home parks
  • Health and exercise clubs
  • Alumni associations

Company Benefits

  • Assured of having collected funds on predetermined dates
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduces delinquencies and late payments
  • Decreases second billings
  • Retains customers

Customer Benefits

  • Bills are paid on time without late charges
  • Reduced time and expense paying bills
  • Advanced knowledge of cash flow

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is a revolutionary check processing system that allows you to make your check deposits electronically without leaving your office. (Learn more about Remote Deposit)

Lockbox Services

With a central address for payments by mail, we can accept, deposit and record checks for the fastest possible handling. (Learn more about Lockbox Services)


To learn more about treasury/cash management services at First Mid, contact one of our Treasury Management Representatives or complete our online form to request more information.