Consumer Debit Card Disclosure and Card Agreement

This Consumer Debit Card Disclosure and Card Agreement, together with all other account agreements and disclosures governing your linked account(s) maintained with the Bank for business, personal, family or household use (“Account”) constitute the agreement (“Agreement”) under which First Mid (“Bank”, “Us”, “We”) will provide Debit Card Services to the customer named in the Signature Card (“You”, ”Your”). If any provisions of this Agreement conflicts with a provision of such other agreements, the provisions of this Agreement shall control with regard to the use of the Card or PIN. You agree to the terms and conditions provided herein. The initial use, signing, or other acceptance of the Card by you, or by any other person you authorize or permit to use the card constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions stated in the Agreement, you must immediately return all Cards to the Bank and cease using your card number for any use or transactions.

Electronic Funds Transfers
This agreement concerns EFTs to or from any of your Accounts. Fund Transfers, including deposits or withdrawals accomplished electronically, as well as all transfers resulting from Card transactions, even if an electronic terminal is not involved at the time of the transaction.

Electronic Withdrawals
Regardless of what your Signature Card indicates, if a Debit Card has been issued to anyone who has an ownership interest in or signing authority on your account or if you authorize a third party to initiate an EFT from your Account, the bank will honor the transaction.

Debit Card Services
If you have requested or obtained a First Mid Visa@ Debit Card (“Debit Card”) (also referred to hereafter as “Card”) from the Bank, this Agreement will apply to all EFT activity occurring as a result of the use of that card. You assume responsibility for all transactions arising from authorized use of the Card by any User, whether such use is with an ATM, Banking terminal, electronic funds transfer device, any debit program or any other means of access. If you have authorized another person to use the Card in any manner, that authorization shall be deemed to include the authorization to make withdrawals or transfers of funds to or from the Account, and such authorization shall be deemed to continue until you have taken all steps necessary to revoke it by preventing such use by that person, including, without limitation, notifying the User and contacting us to inform us that the User is no longer authorized. Use of the Card via PIN with an ATM allows the User access to all associated accounts, including savings accounts.

Your card is issued with an expiration date. To keep your Card in an “active” status, at least one transaction using your Card (for example, a balance inquiry) must be performed prior to the expiration date on the card. If a transaction using your card has not been recorded prior to the expiration date, the Card will not be reissued.

With a First Mid debit card all ATM, purchase and point-of-sale (POS) transactions with the card, will be deducted from the Account(s) linked to the Card. The card is not a credit card, which means you may not defer payment of transactions.

Use of Personal Identification Number (PIN)
You acknowledge that the Personal Identification Number or PIN which you use with the Visa Debit Card is your signature and validates the directions given just as your actual signature and other proof of identity and authenticates and validates your directions to us. You also understand that Merchants which accept the Visa Debit Card for a purchase transaction that may not require your PIN and will require your signature which will also authenticate and validate the directions given just as your actual PIN had been used. You acknowledge that your PIN is an identification code that is personal and confidential and that the use of the PIN with the Visa Debit Card is a security method by which we are helping you to maintain the security of your account. Therefore, YOU AGREE TO TAKE ALL REASONABLE PRECAUTIONS THAT NO ONE ELSE LEARNS YOUR PIN.

Your Agreement to Pay
You agree to pay us on demand for all purchases made and, services rendered by or to any User of the Card. Cancellation of a card or termination of the Account shall not excuse your obligation to pay for all purchases or other transactions incurred against or in connection with the Account through the effective time of the cancellation or termination. This liability will be joint and several.

Card Activation
When you receive a new or a replacement card, follow the activation instructions accompanying it. You have the option of choosing your own PIN. Once your Card has been activated, you may begin to use your Card. Do not write the PIN on your Card or otherwise share or disclose your PIN with any person.

Lost or stolen Card or PIN
You must notify us AT ONCE if you believe your Card, Card number or PIN has been lost or stolen. This is the best way of reducing your losses. You could lose all the money in the Account(s) that can be accessed by your Card, (plus funds in any line of credit, savings account linked to your account or as part of an overdraft protections plan). Call or write to us using the address in the “Contact Us” section.

Card Valet
If your card is lost or stolen, you may turn your card OFF using the Card Valet mobile app. Turning your card OFF will prevent unauthorized card transactions on your account.  The app also allows you to turn your card back ON when you want. With the app, you can receive real-time alerts when your card is used, set spending and geographic limits, and monitor your account balance and recent transactions.

Cancellation and Termination
Your card is our property. We may cancel your Card at any time without notice to you. You may cancel your Card at any time by writing to us at the address provided in the
‘Contact Us” section. If the Account is closed or the Card is cancelled, you will immediately destroy the Card and, upon request, tell us in writing that the Card has been destroyed. If requested, you must immediately return the Card to us. If your Card is cancelled, you must pay for any Card transactions made before the Card is cancelled. If you have enrolled your Card for recurring payments at any merchants, you need to contact those merchants and remove your enrolled Card number for future payments.

Illegal Transactions and Internet Gambling
You agree not to use your card(s) for illegal gambling or other illegal purpose. You must not use your Card or Account to fund any account that is set up to facilitate internet gambling. We may deny transactions or authorizations for merchants who are apparently engaged in or who are identified as engaged in the internet gambling business. Display of a payment card logo by, for example, an online merchant does not necessarily mean that transactions are lawful in all jurisdictions in which the cardholder may be located. Your use of the Card as part of any unlawful activity will not relieve you of your duty to pay any amounts due including any overdrafts to us, and you will remain fully obligated to pay any overdrawn balance or indebtedness incurred.

Digital Wallet
If you make Card transactions through a Mobile Device, these Terms and Conditions apply. Digital Wallet refers to an electronic device that allows an individual to make electronic payment transactions. This can include purchasing items with a computer or using a mobile phone to purchase something at a physical or online store. You may register your Card with compatible programs that allow Card transactions through Digital Wallet. Once registered, the Digital Wallet allows you to store virtual representations of credit and debit cards on your supported Mobile Device or computer to make payments at select merchants utilizing the merchant’s terminal, in-app or other digital commerce payments. The digital wallet may not be accepted at all places or merchants where your Card is currently accepted. We do not charge you additional fees for adding your Card to Digital wallet or using a Digital Wallet to pay for a transaction using your Card.

  • Mobile carriers may charge you message and data rates or other fees.
  • Your Card information is sent across wireless and computer networks.
  • Information about your Mobile Device may be transmitted to us.
  • You should secure the Mobile Device the same as you would your cash, checks, credit cards, and other valuable information. We encourage you to password protect or lock your Mobile Device to help prevent an unauthorized person from using it.
  • Please notify us promptly if your Mobile Device containing your Digital Card Number is lost or stolen. See “Contact Us” section.

We are not the provider of the Digital Wallet and we are not responsible for providing the Digital Service to you. Use of a Digital Wallet involves electronic transmission of personal information through third party connections. Because we do not operator or control these connections, we cannot guarantee the privacy or security of these data transmissions. You should consider whether there is risk of loss or other problems that may result from wireless transmission or loss of the mobile device. Check with the Digital wallet provider and your wireless carrier for information about their privacy and security practices. *Please refer to our separate Digital Wallet Terms and Conditions for more information.

Authorizations for Card Transactions: You authorize the Bank to accept all Card and EFT transactions initiated through the use of the Card by you or anyone you authorize to use the Card. When we approve a transaction or purchase, we call that an “authorization.” We may limit the number of authorizations we allow during a period of time (e.g., if we notice out-of-pattern use of your Card, suspected fraudulent or unlawful activity, or internet gambling). For security reasons, we cannot explain the details of the authorization system. If we do not authorize the payment, we may notify the person who attempted the payment that has been refused. We will not be responsible for failing to give an authorization.

Available Balance: Your “Available Balance” is the most current record we have about funds that are available for withdrawal from the Account. You may use your Card as long as you stay within your daily ATM limit and daily purchase limit, and you have sufficient Available Balance in any of your Accounts used for withdrawal. However, your Available Balance does not include your outstanding checks and your scheduled bill payments, or other transactions that have not yet been paid from the Account. Your Available balance may include deposits still subject to verification or collection by us. If the ATM transaction or purchase would create an overdraft on the Account, we may take actions described in the section of this brochure titled “Creating an Overdraft Using Your Card.”

You can monitor your Card transactions:

  • Keep track of your transactions with online or mobile banking.
  • Sign up for email or text alerts
  • Review your account statements regularly to verify transactions.

An “overdraft” is a negative balance in your Account. An overdraft occurs when you do not have sufficient funds in your Account to cover the amount of a transaction and we pay the amount of the transaction instead of declining it or returning it unpaid. However, if you overdraw your Account, you must deposit the amount of any overdrafts. You also may have to pay a fee. For preauthorized recurring payments using a debit card, we have the right to 1) authorize and pay for overdrafts, or 2) decline overdrafts. You must repay immediately any overdrafts.

For additional information about overdrafts, including how you can prevent overdrafts arising from ATM and every day (one-time) debit card transactions, please see your Consumer Account Agreement or other applicable account agreement.

Consumer Liability. Tell us AT ONCE if you believe your card and/or code has been lost or stolen, or if you believe that an electronic fund transfer has been made without your permission using information from your check. Telephoning us promptly is the best way of keeping your possible losses down. You could lose all the money in your account (plus your maximum overdraft line of credit). If you tell us within 2 business days after you learn of the loss or theft of your card and/or code, you can lose no more than $50 if someone used your card and/or code without your permission.

If you do NOT tell us within 2 business days after you learn of the loss or theft of your card and/or code, and we can prove we could have stopped someone from using your card and/or code without your permission if you had told us, you could lose as much as $500.

Also, if your statement shows transfers that you did not make or authorize, including those made by Card, PIN or other means, tell us at once. If you do not tell us within 60 days after the statement was mailed or otherwise made available to you, you may not get back any money you lose after 60 days if we can prove that we could have stopped someone from taking the money if you had told us in time. If a good reason (such as a long trip or hospital stay) kept you from telling us, we will extend the time period.

Additional Limit on Liability for Visa Debit Card. Unless you have been negligent or have engaged in fraud, you will not be liable for any unauthorized transactions using your lost or stolen Visa Debit Card. This additional limit on liability does not apply to ATM transactions outside the U.S., to ATM transactions not sent over Visa or Plus networks, or to transactions using your Personal Identification Number which are not processed by VISA. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.

Visa Zero Liability and Provisional Credit Policy:
Your card comes with Zero Liability Card protection for unauthorized transactions that you report promptly. With Zero Liability Card Protection, if your Card or Card number is ever lost or stolen and used without your permission, you must tell us immediately. If you do, you will not be responsible for unauthorized transactions made using your Card or Card number.
An “unauthorized transaction” is a transaction that does not benefit you that is made by a person who does not have your actual or implied authority.

  • If you notify us about the unauthorized transaction within 60 days of when the first Account statement showing the unauthorized transaction was delivered, you will be protected for your losses on the Account. We will limit your liability for those transactions to zero and will provide you with a provisional credit for those transactions within 5 business days from receipt of notification.
  • If you notify us about the unauthorized transaction after 60 days, we may not reimburse you for the unauthorized transactions. You may be required to provide documentation to support your claim, including an affidavit of unauthorized use and a police report. In addition, we will consider whether any negligence on the part of the cardholder has contributed to the transaction in question. Subject to limits provided under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, we may withhold provisional credit, to the extent allowed by law, if we determine that the circumstances or account history warrant the delay.

The Following are not considered to be unauthorized transactions under Zero Liability protection, which means you are liable for any transaction:

  • By a cardholder or person authorized by a cardholder, or other person with an interest in or authority to transact business on the Account:
  • By a person you have authorized to use your Card, even if that person has exceeded the authority you gave;
  • By a person you have authorized to use your Card, even if that person has exceeded the authority you have;
  • A merchant has processed in error, or you are unhappy with goods or services you purchased. In these cases, first contact the merchant to resolve the situation.

For purposes of this Section the term “unauthorized transaction” excludes any transaction not otherwise subject to the Zero Liability Card Protection Policy if we determine that you were negligent or fraudulent in the handling of your account, Card or PIN. You agree that we may deem you to have been negligent, for example if you do not tell us within 60 calendar days after the Account statement reflecting the unauthorized activity was mailed (or made available including electronically delivered Account statements).

Contact Us in Event of Unauthorized Transfer. If you believe your card and/or code has been lost or stolen, call or write us at the telephone number or address listed in this brochure.

Non-Visa Debit Transaction Processing. Your card is enabled with non-Visa debit transaction processing. This means you may use your Visa-branded debit card on a PIN-Debit Network* (a non-Visa network) with or without using a PIN. The non-Visa debit network(s) for which such transactions are enabled are: PULSE Network. Examples of the types of actions you may be required to make to initiate a transaction on a PIN-Debit Network include initiating a payment directly with the biller (possibly via telephone, Internet, or kiosk locations), responding to a logo displayed at a payment site and choosing to direct payment through that network, and having your identity verified using known information derived from an existing relationship with you instead of through use of a PIN.

The provisions of your agreement with us relating only to Visa transactions are not applicable to non-Visa transactions. For example, the additional limits on liability (sometimes referred to as Visa’s zero-liability program) and the streamlined error resolution procedures offered on Visa debit card transactions are not applicable to transactions processed on a PIN-Debit Network.

*Visa Rules generally define PIN-Debit Network as a non-Visa debit network that typically authenticates transactions by use of a personal identification number (PIN) but that is not generally known for having a card program

Business Days
For purpose of this agreement, our business days are Monday through Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays are not included.

ATM Deposit Cut-Off Times
All First Mid Bank & Trust ATMs have a 5:00 p.m. cutoff time. If you make a deposit at a First Mid Bank & Trust ATM before the cutoff time on a business day that we are open, we will consider that day to be the day of your deposit. However, if you make a deposit at an ATM after the posted cutoff time, or on a day we are not open, we will consider the next business day that we are open to be the day of your deposit. Please use our Locations Page on our website ( to identify where our ATMs are located.

Transfer Types and Limitations
Cards provided in connection with this Agreement may be used to access your accounts(s) at ATMs using your Debit Card and personal identification number, to:

  • make deposits to checking or savings account(s)
  • get cash withdrawals from checking or savings account(s)
  • transfer funds from savings to checking account(s)
  • transfer funds from checking to savings account(s)
  • make payments from checking account(s) to loan accounts with savings account(s)

Our Debit Cards can be used by most ATMs in the world. Some of these services may not be available at all terminals.

Types of Debit Card Point-of-Sale Transactions – You may access your checking account(s) to purchase goods (in person, online, by Digital Wallet*, or by phone), pay for services (in person, online, by Digital Wallet*, or by phone), get cash from a merchant, if the merchant permits, or from a participating financial institution, and do anything that a participating merchant will accept.

Dollar Limitations: Your available account balance must be sufficient to cover all withdrawal(s) and other transactions. Different dollar limitations may apply to different Cards or Services; dollar limitations may vary across nonproprietary network ATMs, POS terminals, or merchant locations (if applicable). We provide you your daily ATM withdrawal and purchase limits when you receive your Card. You can confirm your Card’s daily limits by calling us at the number listed on the back of your card or the number listed in the “Contact Us” section.

Changes to your Card limits: We may, without telling you, increase your daily purchase or ATM withdrawal limit based on account history, activity, and other factors. We will notify you if we decrease the daily limits for your Card.
For purposes of the daily limits only, a “day” is defined as the 24-hour period from midnight to midnight. If a transaction is made in another time zone, it will be processed when we receive it.

Daily Limits and Available Balance. You may use your card subject to 1) your daily ATM withdrawal limit and daily purchase limit, and 2) your Available Balance in your Account. The following rules apply:

Limits on dollar amounts:

  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit is the maximum amount of cash you can withdraw from any combination of accessible Accounts using your card.
  • Daily purchase limit is the maximum U.S. dollar amount of purchases (including cash back, if any) that can be debited from your account.

In certain circumstances, we may allow debit card transactions that exceed your daily purchase limit (except for certain Accounts such as Start new and savings accounts.)

Limitations on Frequency of Transfers for Savings and Money Market Accounts
In addition to limitations on transfers and any others elsewhere described, if any, the following imitations apply:

  • Federal regulations limit the number of electronic, telephone and computer transfers from money market and/savings accounts.
  • Transfers from a saving and/or money market account to another account, or to third parties, by preauthorized, automatic, overdraft protection, telephone, computer transfer or by draft, Card or similar order are limited to six (6) per account statement.
  • When accessing a money market or savings account, there is no limit to the number of transactions you may make each account statement cycle using your Card in an ATM.
  • When accessing a money market account using your Card in a purchase transaction, each transaction will count toward the maximum of six (6) checks, debit card or other purchase transactions that are allowed per calendar month or statement cycle.
  • Purchase transactions are not permitted from a savings account.

ATM Deposit Transactions Subject to Verification and Collection
All deposit transactions initiated through an ATM are subject to the bank’s verification and actual collection of any non-cash item. Deposits made at an ATM may not be available for withdrawal at an ATM or otherwise, until verification and collections, with the exception of cash deposits. The availability of your deposit may be delayed if you are a new customer to the Bank, and you have a new Account. An Account is considered new a new Account for 30 calendar days after the first deposit is made.

“Authorization Hold” means a temporary hold placed against some or all of your funds in your Account and occurs when we authorize a Card transaction from a merchant. The funds on hold will be subtracted from your Available Balance.

We can place an Authorization Hold on your account for up to 3 business days from the time of the authorization. However, if the merchant does not submit the transaction for payment with in the time allowed, we will release the Authorization Hold. This means your Available Balance will increase until the transaction is submitted for payment by the merchant and posted to your Account. If this happens, we must honor the prior authorization, and we will pay the transaction from your Account. In some situations, the amount of the hold may differ from the actual transaction amount since the merchant may not know the total amount you will spend. For example, a restaurant submits the authorization request for your meal before you add a tip.

Note: You might end up overdrawing the Account even though the Available Balance appears to show there are sufficient funds to cover your transaction. For example, if a merchant does not submit a one-time debit card transaction for payment within 3 business days of authorization, we must release the Authorizations Hold on the transaction even though we will have to honor the transaction. The transaction will be paid from the funds in the Account when we receive it for payment.

You should record and tract all of your transactions closely to confirm that your Available Balance accurately reflects the use of funds from your Account.

The bank reserves the right to modify its fees in connection with the Services contemplated under this Agreement, upon notice when required by law. You agree to pay for all such fees or charges as they may change from time to time.

ATM Operator/Network Fees. Fees from ATM’s not owned by First Mid Bank & Trust may apply unless waived by terms of your Account. The non-First Mid ATM owner/operator fees are included in the total amount withdrawn from your account.

Service Fees
Generally, EFT transactions are subject to the same fees and charges as are applicable to other transactions on your account. In addition, the following fees may apply:

  • Balance inquiry at an ATM other than an ATM maintained by First Mid
  • Surcharges or convenience fees for each transaction at an ATM other than one maintained by First Mid
  • Per transaction fee for purchases at a merchant

ATM and Merchant Terminal Malfunctions. We are not responsible for damages resulting from an ATM or merchant terminal malfunction. You will promptly notify us if a First Mid ATM fails to dispense the correct amount of cash or provide a receipt, by calling or writing us at the telephone number or address provided on your Account statement.

Foreign Transactions
Foreign transactions include internet transactions initiated in the US with a merchant who processes the transaction in a foreign country. If you use your card to obtain cash or purchase goods or services in another country, the amount of the charge in foreign currency will be converted to a U.S. dollar amount either by the merchant or Visa. The exchange rate used for currency conversion is a selected rate of either: (1) a range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which may vary from the rate Visa itself receives, or (2) the government mandated rate in effect for the applicable central processing date. Depending on whether the currency is converted by the merchant or Visa, an additional fee of up to 1.5% will be added to the transaction. The original converted transaction amount will be shown separately from the International Transaction Fee on your monthly statement.

If you give your debit card number to a merchant with authorization to bill it for recurring payments, or to keep it on file for future purchases or payments, and your debit card number or expiration date changes, you should notify the merchant with your new debit card information. We subscribe to the Visa Account Updater Service (VAU Service) and provide updated debit card information to the VAU service. If a merchant participates in the VAU service, that merchant will receive the updated debit card information. If your card is closed for any reason your card information will not be provided to the VAU service. Because not all merchants subscribe to the VAU service, we recommend you notify each merchant of your new debit card number and/or expiration date to ensure your payments continue uninterrupted.

Receipts at ATMs: You can get a receipt at the time you make a transfer to or from your account using an ATM, online or terminal unless you designate otherwise. The receipt you receive is evidence of the transaction as recorded by the ATM or terminal. All transactions are subject to posting, final payment or verification as applicable. You can use the receipt to reconcile your Account statement.


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