December 1st, 2021

Invalid Address Fee, effective February 1, 2022

As your financial services partner, it’s important to keep us notified when your mailing address changes. If the address we have on file for you is incorrect, someone else could be receiving and opening your account statement or other financial documents — putting you at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

In addition to security, there’s another reason to keep your address updated.
Beginning February 1, 2022, a fee for invalid address will go into effect. A $5.00 monthly fee will be charged for each account that has returned mail from the post office marked as invalid address. The charge will reoccur until the address has been updated. 

Choose from one of these options to update your mailing address in our system:

  • By Phone: Call our Customer Support at 1-877-888-5629*
  • In Person: Go to a local First Mid branch and request to have your address updated*

If your address on file is not current, don’t procrastinate. Please contact us to update your address and avoid this fee.

*When updating your mailing address by phone or in person, we will verify your identity before making the change. 

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