Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit/Electronic Payments

Don’t spend your lunch hours waiting in line… spend your time the way you want! First Mid accepts electronic deposits and payment requests from hundreds of companies and government agencies each month.

How can I set up direct deposit?

If you would like your payroll check directly deposited to your account, it is a very simple sign-up process but can only be done through your payroll department. If your employer isn’t set up to originate transactions, contact us. We will call them and offer our assistance.

Individuals can have a payment taken from their account as well. The system works best when the company receiving the money sets up the electronic debit. We receive electronic payment requests from insurance companies, health clubs, churches and mortgage or rental companies. Contact us if a local company does not offer this service. We will contact them and offer our assistance.

What are the benefits of direct deposit/electronic payments?

  • Your paycheck is deposited into your account on payday without you making a trip to the bank.
  • A check that comes while you are away from the office is deposited without delay.
  • Recurring payments will be made without ever being charged a late charge, even if you are on vacation.
  • You save the time it takes to write checks, address envelopes and mail your payments. You reduce your check costs and eliminate the cost of stamps and envelopes.