Commercial Lending

Whether you’re looking to start a business, expand your operations or simply get a great rate on a small personal loan, visit your nearest First Mid branch to get the help you need to take you wherever your ideas may go.

First Mid has…

Expertise in financial analysis, cash flow and business plans that helps our lending professionals structure the best loan package possible for your business. And you’ll be well informed about the status of your application because all loan decisions are made in-house.

Long- and short-term loans are available for:

Operating needs – Provide immediate working capital to purchase inventory, or to cover payrolls, taxes, utilities or other expenses.

Capital Purchases – Finance larger credit needs, such as purchases of machinery and equipment, with a loan designed to keep your monthly obligations at a reasonable level.

Commercial Real Estate – Start, move or expand your business, with commercial real estate loans to help you respond quickly to opportunities.

Revolving Lines of Credit – Gain increased control over finances with a revolving line of credit to use at your discretion. Your credit line is based upon the value of your assets and replenishes itself as you pay the balance. Fixed and variable interest rates are available, with rates based on local market conditions, term of loan and type of asset purchased.

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How can I set up automatic loan payments?

If you would like to set up an automatic loan payment, either from a First Mid deposit account or from an account at another financial institution, you can!   Complete our Loan Payment EFT Authorization Form, sign it and either email or mail it back to us. It’s that simple!

Watch this video to learn more about First Mid’s business products and services!

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