Remote Deposit

One check or many, make deposits when it’s convenient to you!

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Remote Deposit is a revolutionary check processing system that allows you to make your check deposits electronically without leaving your office. Remote Deposit technology from First Mid…it’s Scan. Send. Simple.

When you receive a business check, you can deposit it into your account directly from your desktop. Remote Deposit automates listing your checks and creating deposit slips and eliminates both the cost and time to deliver checks to the bank.

Does your business:

  • Make deposits after normal business hours?
  • Manually complete deposit tickets, listing all checks individually?
  • Make photocopies of your checks before making your deposit?
  • Reside more than 15 minutes from the nearest branch?
  • Pay for a courier service to transport your checks?
  • Use employees to transport your checks?
  • Receive checks at more than one location and maintain multiple accounts?
  • Use a lockbox service?
  • Process a large number of checks daily?
  • Hold checks for the next deposit when you receive only one or two checks?

If any of the answers to these questions is “yes,” then Remote Deposit may benefit your company.

Benefits of Remote Deposit

  • Banking Done on Your Schedule
  • Improved Funds Availability
  • Extended Deposit Time
  • Consolidate Funds
  • Eliminate Courier Service
  • Deposit One Check or Dozens
  • Fewer Deposit Delays.
  • Eliminate Deposit Ticket Preparation
  • Make Daily Deposits
  • Save on Transportation Costs
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Streamline Your Accounting
  • Reduced Risk of Fraud

How it Works

With Remote Deposit through First Mid, the check collection process for your business is simpler and faster than ever before.


Scan the checks in your office with space-saving equipment provided through First Mid.


Once all the checks are scanned and the check amounts are entered, the batch is balanced automatically and your computer sends a file of all the electronic check images to First Mid.


The checks are validated and cleared by First Mid, and your deposit becomes available in your account!

Getting Started

Once you decide that Remote Deposit is the smart choice for your business, we’ll set up a time for one of our local business banking officers to come over and walk-through the process with you.

We will set up the necessary equipment and make sure you understand it step-by-step.

We will run a test deposit from your location to ensure that all the equipment and software is working properly.

And as with all First Mid banking products, should you later have questions about Remote Deposit Services, your local banking professionals will be able to answer your questions and provide personal assistance.

Eliminate trips to the bank and improve your cash flow with Remote Deposit from First Mid!

To learn more about remote deposit or any of our treasury/cash management services at First Mid, contact one of our Treasury Management Representatives.