Commercial Online Banking

For businesses with cash management needs our Commercial Online Banking is the right fit. This option includes the same features as Business Online Banking with the ability to add any of our Treasury Management Services.

For detailed information, check out the Commercial Online Banking video tutorial below.

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What Additional Features Can You Expect with Commercial Online Banking?

  • Option of adding any Treasury Management Services including, ACH, Positive Pay, Remote Deposit, Fraud Filter or Wires
  • Enhanced security by accessing your accounts through a Secure Browser
  • Detailed audit and activity reporting
  • Account transfers (from one account to many, from many accounts to one)
  • Enhanced payee management for ACH and wire payments

Administrators on the Account Can Also:

  • Manage your company’s users – set user passwords, permissions and access to services
  • Clone users and their permissions to create new users with the same settings
  • Delete or deactivate users
  • Manage accounts controlled by the system
  • Set global settings for payments
  • Access history of all company notifications
  • Create company-wide or user-specific audit reports for different categories – logins & timeouts, transactions and maintenance

For additional information on the secure browser and links to supporting documents, visit our Treasury Services Support page.

Treasury Services Support

To learn more about Treasury Management Services at First Mid, email our Treasury Management Relationship specialists at