Model Portfolios

For investors who want a packaged option, First Mid has developed a line of model portfolios to choose from, ranging from low- to high-risk levels.

We use the following proven methodology when constructing investment options to ensure you meet your financial goals:

Build Asset Allocation Models

After reviewing current market trends and economic outlook, we design efficient allocations using multiple asset classes in order to provide the best balance of risk and return, tailored to your needs. These asset allocation choices are important, having shown to account for approximately 90% of a portfolio’s performance over time.

Construct Portfolio

The First Mid Trust Investment Committee chooses institutional fund managers to fill each component of your asset allocation. Managers are screened and hired based on who we believe has demonstrated the ability to add value. Because we treat asset allocation as a distinct step in the process, we can combine managers in ways that help avoid unintentional biases in the portfolio (i.e., toward growth or value).

Monitor Progress and Adjust as Needed

The First Mid Trust Investment Committee proactively and continuously monitors each element of the program to ensure your model account stays true to the original investment philosophy over time. Given that performance will vary among asset classes over time, we automatically rebalance your portfolio to your objective’s target asset allocation.

Types of Model Portfolios

Income Portfolio

  • 26% Equity/74% Fixed Income
  • Conservative strategy focusing on preservation of capital with relatively low volatility.
  • Ideal investors: those whose main objective is preservation of capital with a slight hedge against inflation; clients with a shorter horizon

Conservative Portfolio

  • 44% Equity/56% Fixed Income
  • Relatively conservative with low risk to principal, moderate current income
  • Ideal investors: those whose main objective is stability of capital but who are also seeking moderate growth; those with a time horizon including a few years before retirement.

Balanced Portfolio

  • 61% Equity/39% Fixed Income
  • Ideal investors: those seeking growth while maintaining a fixed income element in an effort to enhance stability of capital in a market downturn; those with several years in their investment time horizon

Growth with Income Portfolio

  • 83% Equity/17% Fixed Income
  • Balanced asset allocation strategy
  • Ideal investors: those primarily seeking growth while maintaining a fixed income element in an effort to enhance capital stability in the event of a market downturn; those with enough income-producing years to handle some risk of ups and downs

Maximum Growth Portfolio

  • 96% Equity/4% Fixed Income
  • Ideal investors: those seeking to maximize return potential through a well-diversified but aggressive strategy; those with a longer investment time horizon that allows for participation in various market cycles

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