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Protect Your Family During Internet Safety Month

Internet Safety Month, observed each June, is a great time to consider how you are securing your family’s safety online. There are several unique risks associated with children and online safety. When a child is using a computer or mobile device, normal safeguards and security practices may not be sufficient. Children more

Accomplishing Your Career Goals with First Mid

At First Mid, we support and encourage all our employees to pursue the dreams they have for their careers. We recently asked Mandy Lewis, our Chief Deposit Services Officer, a series of questions about her career path. Mandy started at First Mid in the Marketing department and has worked her more

Fraud Education – Online Banking Scams

Financial institutions work hard to protect your personal identifiable information (PII) and confidential account information. There are many layers of security measures in place to help make sure you are the only one who can obtain information about, or conduct transactions through, your account(s). However, scammers know about all these security more

First Mid’s Carbon Footprint

Throughout the last several years, First Mid has taken steps to conserve the environment. Lee Harms, Director of Real Estate & Property Management, has answered a series of questions about First Mid's carbon footprint and the choices First Mid is making to reduce our impact on the environment. How long more

First Mid is Your Financial Education Resource

We are committed to having a positive impact in all the communities we serve — whether it be through conducting financial education, providing access to capital for small business owners or providing financing for purchasing a home, or delivering financial services like Wealth Management and Insurance. First Mid is devoted more

Plan Your Retirement with First Mid’s Financial Pathways

You likely have a good idea of what you want your retirement to look like. You may have even kicked around a few ideas about what you’re going to do with all that free time. But what are you doing now to prepare yourself financially for those idyllic golden years? more

Financial Tips to Prepare College Students for the Real World

At First Mid, we care about the financial success of all our customers — from students of all ages to those new to the workforce, from those with spouses and families to those who are nearing retirement. We are here to help customers in all walks and stages of life. For more

Keep Your Contact Information Updated

As your financial services partner, it’s important to keep us notified when your contact information, including your mailing address and email address, changes. When your mail goes to the wrong address, someone else could be opening your account statement or other financial documents — putting your account in jeopardy and more

Fraud Education – Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment Fraud & Scams

Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps offer simple and convenient ways to send and receive money. You’ve probably heard of these apps with names such as Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. Many P2P apps allow you to send money with just a single click or swipe. That speed gives fraudsters the chance more