Cash Management – Distributing Funds

Electronic Payments and Deposits-ACH Credit Origination

One of the most important cash management tools is the ability to streamline cumbersome paper processes into to electronic transactions through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH Credit Origination occurs when a company or organization provides us with a file of customer or employee transactions. First Mid processes the file and distributes the transactions so they can be posted to the proper accounts in the recipient’s bank. The customer accounts do not need to be at First Mid. Direct Deposit of the company payroll is just one application of this process.

ACH Credit Origination for Payroll Direct Deposit

If you have five employees or 5,000, First Mid can provide your company with an inexpensive solution to electronically deposit your employee’s check directly into their account.

Most employees like direct deposit because:

    • The check is deposited on the pay date every time
    • It eliminates a trip to the bank
    • The check is deposited even when the employee is away from the office or out of town
    • Direct Deposit is convenient and confidential

Most employers like direct deposit because:

    • Company gets credit for a well-received employee benefit
    • Lost production due to employees taking checks to bank is reduced
    • Fewer checks are lost
    • Costs to deliver checks to employees working out of town are reduced
    • All checks clear on the effective date, making reconciliation easier
    • ACH eliminates the need for storage and security for blank and cancelled checks

Wire Transfers – Online

Our online Wire Service provides you with the ability to originate domestic and international wires in a secure easy manner.

To learn more about treasury/cash management services at First Mid, contact one of our Treasury Management Representatives or complete our online form to request more information.