Home Savings. Summer Savings.

Summer Savings

With First Mid’s Summer Savings, you can save ahead for next summer’s home expenses. Whether you want to save a little for small projects or a lot for bigger events, this is the perfect account to help you budget your money.

What are some home expenses you might save for?

• Property Taxes
• Down Payment on a Home
• DIY Home Renovation Project
• Landscaping Updates
• Outdoor Living Space

How does it work?

• Open a Summer Savings account any time before August 31st with as little as $1.
• Save a little bit all year long to ease the burden of summer spending next year.
• There are no service charges on your Summer Savings account.
• Your account will mature in May 2023.
• When the account matures, interest is paid, and your funds will be transferred to another First Mid deposit account of your choice.
• After the funds have transferred, your Summer Savings account renews, and you can begin saving for the next year.

Tips to Make Saving Easy:

• Designate a small amount to be take from each paycheck and direct deposited into your Summer Savings account.
• Schedule recurring automatic transfers from another account into your Summer Savings account.

When you are ready to start saving for next summer, stop by your local First Mid banking center to get started!

For more information about Summer Savings, visit our Seasonal Savings page here.