Protect Your Identity

Identity Theft Protection

While many people have heard about identity theft, most don’t even realize they are a victim until they notice an unfamiliar charge on their credit card statement; they review their credit report; or they are contacted by a debt collector.

Knowing how to protect yourself is your first line of defense. Here are some tips to follow:

• Shred all documents that have your identification before throwing them away

• Report any lost or stolen credit or debit cards

• Check your credit report at least annually for any suspicious activity

• Keep your Social Security Card in a safe and secure location

• Use secured sites when purchasing items on the internet

• Don’t give out personal information in response to an unsolicited request

• Review bank and credit card statements regularly to ensure all charges are correct

In addition to these tips, take advantage of accounts that offer identity theft and fraud assistance programs, like IDProtect® through First Mid’s Premier Checking account. IDProtect® provides protection for any identity fraud event (financial or otherwise) anywhere in the world, even if the event has nothing to do with your account at First Mid. And, you can enroll in IDProtect® at no extra cost! Stop by your local First Mid banking center to learn more.

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