Let’s Talk Treasury Management

Treasury Management

Understanding the best possible treasury management programs and services for you and your business starts with a consultation with experts in the field. Keri McPherson, Treasury Management Relationship Manager, breaks down the ins and outs of treasury management at First Mid Bank & Trust.

What is treasury management?

Keri explains, “Treasury Management Services help customers streamline many of their cash management processes by maximizing time and resources including managing receivables, simplifying payables, and protecting and optimizing your funds.”

Some may believe that only large businesses or corporations can use treasury management services, but First Mid offers products for all account sizes and needs.

What are some of the key things to keep in mind when looking for treasury management?

Keri recommends a few things when looking for this specific type of service:

  • Learn how the different treasury management products work
  • Ask for a demo of those products
  • Double check that the products are secure and protected

“It’s also key to have your own personal Treasury Management Representative who is dedicated to your business. You should be given local contact numbers of people to be there to support your needs as they arise.”

What tools does First Mid offer clients in terms of treasury management?

The expert staff at First Mid offer a variety of services and products including:

We also offer onboarding to every business client. This ensures you get your business account and services set up, and know how to use them,” Keri explains.

What can a client expect from a treasury management consultation at First Mid?

Keri states, “A First Mid Treasury Management expert will reach out to customers to schedule a call, meeting, etc.—whichever best fits the customer’s needs. Then, we will talk about their business and day-to-day demands for cash management. Each customer receives their own personalized solution to help optimize their time and improve their processes.”

Together, First Mid works with you to establish your treasury management services the right way.

Need help securing your business treasury management? Look to the experienced treasury management experts at First Mid. Contact us today.

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