Volunteer Spotlight – John Johannes

Volunteer Spotlight - John Johannes

First Mid is honored to recognize John Johannes, Community Market President in Quincy, IL, as our Volunteer Spotlight for January 2024. John is committed to supporting local community organizations through volunteerism, consistently demonstrating our core values.

What causes are you passionate about supporting through volunteerism?
I dedicate many of my volunteer efforts to youth activities, fostering their growth into successful adults. I also spend time assisting those in need and supporting and honoring our Veterans. All my life, I’ve been instilled with the value of giving back through school, scouting, church, and family. As a father, I coached my sons in soccer and baseball. Later, I took on roles including treasurer for the high school soccer team, school board member, and President of the Quincy Notre Dame High School Foundation Board. Active in the History Society and Bicentennial Committee, I help preserve local history while educating youth about community history. Currently, as President of the Quincy Service Club, I oversee youth-focused initiatives, scholarship programs, and community service projects. In addition, the Club honors Veterans by uniting students with residents at the local Veterans home. I also played a pivotal role in establishing the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) program, guiding high school seniors in business education and practical experience. Finally, I serve on the Salvation Army board, assisting those in need.

What would you tell others who are thinking about volunteering?
Seeing the change and growth in youth after working with them is amazing. Knowing you made a difference in who they become or what they do in their life is a good feeling. Helping others have a better day or get through a rough time in their lives can make you feel worthwhile. Giving to others makes the world a better place.

What are ways you think others can get involved?
Simply ask “how can I help”. Find out how to get involved with sports, school, and other activities that your children or family participate in. Not only will you provide benefit to others, you get to spend time with your family. You are also leading by example, showing them how to get involved and give back. It can be a small effort or something more involved. It all adds up and makes a difference. By getting involved in different things, you will figure out what you enjoy the most and what you are best at. Volunteering is a lot of work, but it is also very rewarding, knowing you had a part in making someone’s life better.

Congratulations, John! We are honored to showcase the impact you have on your community. First Mid is proud to support your volunteer efforts.