Volunteer Spotlight – Michael Love

Volunteer Spotlight - Michael Love

First Mid is honored to recognize Michael Love, Mortgage Loan Officer in Jefferson City, MO, as our Volunteer Spotlight for March 2024. Michael is committed to supporting local community organizations through volunteerism, consistently demonstrating our core values.

What causes are you passionate about supporting through volunteerism?

I am passionate about our local United Way and currently serve as Co-Chair on their Fund Allocation Committee. This role allows me to witness the thorough vetting process for organizations benefitting from donated funds. In addition, I actively participate in the Days of Caring Campaign, where volunteers address tasks identified by United Way-affiliated organizations that help our local community. Through United Way, our local branch employees also volunteer with the Food Bank, serving over 300 families each time. Contributing financially and through service to United Way offers the assurance of well-evaluated partnerships, and there are ongoing opportunities to volunteer with their 27 Partner Agencies. I also support the Holts Summit Soup Kitchen, where dedicated volunteers provide meals every Tuesday and Thursday. Most have been volunteering for over 20 years and their passion makes it enjoyable and fulfilling to assist. Finally, I contribute my time to our church by serving on the Leadership Team and volunteering on the Safety Team during services.

What would you tell others who are thinking about volunteering? 

Choose something you are passionate about! Do your research and choose a group aligned with your community needs, whether a small local group or a larger one such as United Way or Salvation Army. Focus on the impact they make in your community, considering local individuals making a difference. In Jefferson City, I can attest our local United Way’s operating budget is under 6% of the total donations they receive each year, ensuring the best benefit for their partner agencies with the allocated funds.

What are ways that you think others can get involved?

Even a small time commitment can make a significant impact. Reach out to groups of interest, inquire about volunteer needs, and align your talents with community benefits. If you’re handy, help with Habitat for Humanity. If you love to cook, assist at a soup kitchen. If you put yourself out there and volunteer, other opportunities will come to you! My wife and I try to volunteer at activities where we can include our children. Our oldest enjoys Mission JC where we can volunteer at several events from painting to baking cookies. At the Soup Kitchen, our youngest pretends to be a waitress, getting drinks for individuals, clearing plates, and helping people to their tables. The individuals she assists enjoy how much fun she has. We hope instilling the love of volunteering at a young age will encourage them to continue giving their time in adulthood. Volunteering also looks good on a child’s resume when they are joining school-related groups or organizations such as National Honor Society. At the end of the day, simply ask where you want to make an IMPACT!

Congratulations, Michael! We are honored to showcase the impact you have on your community. First Mid is proud to support your volunteer efforts.