Holiday Loans

Holiday Loans

Unplanned holiday expenses can add up and put a real strain on your budget. Those hidden costs can come from a variety of places: traveling to see family and friends; festive decorations for your home; additional food and drinks to host holiday gatherings; and of course, buying gifts for all those holiday wish lists!

While we recommend saving all year long for holiday spending, we also know that sometimes even Santa needs a little extra help covering all the extras! If you did not plan ahead for this holiday season of spending, consider an alternative using a high interest credit card. A consumer loan from First Mid may be the best way to cover those additional holiday expenses.

Often times, a consumer loan will have a lower interest rate than a credit card, and you’ll be able to budget next year by having a set monthly payment to chip away your debt. So, before you pull out the plastic, consider a Holiday Loan instead.

To get started, stop by a First Mid banking center and talk with a Customer Service Representative or apply for a consumer loan online.

Apply for a Consumer Loan

When you’re ready to start your holiday shopping, click here for a few holiday spending tips to help you make the most of your funds.

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