Important Information for Blackhawk Bank Customers Enrolled in Zelle

Blackhawk Bank is becoming First Mid Bank & Trust

Below is important information for Blackhawk Bank customers enrolled in Zelle®. If you wish to continue using the Zelle® service with First Mid, you must re-enroll beginning December 4, 2023, after conversion weekend.

Please note the following dates and action items below. 

Important dates:

  • November 30 – Beginning at 4:00 p.m. (CT), Zelle will be unavailable at Blackhawk Bank
  • December 1 – December 3 – Zelle will remain unavailable during conversion weekend.
  • December 4 – You will be able to re-enroll in Zelle at First Mid. 

Important action items:

  • Any contacts or payees that you have established with Blackhawk Bank will not convert to First Mid. Zelle contacts must be re-established after re-enrollment.
  • Zelle payment history with Blackhawk Bank will not convert to First Mid. You will begin building Zelle payment history with First Mid after re-enrollment.
  • If you receive a payment via Zelle between November 30 – December 4, the payment will remain in a ‘pending’ status within the Zelle network until you re-enroll with First Mid. The payment(s) must be accepted by you after December 4.

How to access Zelle with First Mid:

  • Beginning December 4, log in to First Mid’s Retail Online Banking platform. 
  • Visit the Personal/Retail Banking Services information for First-Time Log In Instructions.
  • Enroll in Bill Pay with First Mid via a web browser. Within First Mid’s Online Banking, you can enroll by clicking on the Bill Pay tab, selecting ‘Send Money with Zelle’ and following the enrollment instructions. After enrolling in Bill Pay through a web browser, you will be able to utilize Zelle from the personal First Mid Mobile Banking app.
  • Register your email address or phone number (also called your Zelle ‘social token’) with Zelle.
  • You can now begin sending and receiving payments with Zelle!

If you have any questions, please contact First Mid Customer Support at 877-888-5629.