Who will settle your affairs, protect and collect your assets, and distribute them according to the instructions in your last will and testament? As your personal representative, First Mid is uniquely suited to this task. Our expertise in handling estates saves your beneficiaries needless time and worry.

As Guardian of your estate, our primary services would be to:

  • Ascertain and provide for the safekeeping of all assets of the ward and acquire insurance if appropriate
  • Prepare an inventory of assets and arrange for appraisals on real and personal property if needed
  • Analyze the investments of the ward’s estate and provide continuous investment and property management
  • Collect and reinvest all income, including dividends, interest, rent and other income, sweeping excess cash into interest-bearing accounts
  • Maintain accounting records and provide information necessary for filing required tax returns and information reports
  • Review alternative elections and determinations relating to federal and state income tax
  • Perform real estate management services for rental and agricultural properties
  • Process and pay utility, medical and other bills of the ward
  • Ensure that medical claims are properly filed and paid, including Medicare reimbursements
  • Furnish periodic statements of assets and all receipts and disbursements to appropriate court authority

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